BIONIK CEO Comments on Business Operations During COVID-19

We are in a time of our lives and one within society that we have never experienced before. It is truly unprecedented. Our thoughts and hopes are with everyone across the globe that has been affected by the challenges faced from the Covid-19 virus.  Bionik only hopes that you and your families are safe and healthy and will remain that way throughout this unparalleled event. We want to thank and greatly appreciate the tireless efforts of the dedicated healthcare workers across the world, both local and national governments, along with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - all at the frontlines to combat and eliminate the impact of Covid-19 across the globe now and in the future.

At Bionik, we have always put the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and the patients that we and our InMotion Systems interact with, and their caring families, at the forefront of everything we do. Please be assured that it is our number one priority and is being emphasized in all internal employee interactions, external customer interactions and with all of our business associates, along with anyone we engage with in our daily business activities. Bionik continues to monitor and follow the guidance of the WHO, CDC, local health organizations and both local and national governments. We will adjust and update our current policies as advised and directed by these groups.

Employee Safety

Several weeks ago, Bionik management put a plan in place to ensure the best possible safety for our employees. This includes now that all employees at our two offices in Watertown, MA and Toronto, Canada work remotely.  Visits to either office are only allowed if in the utmost interest of business operations and must nevertheless be in compliance with our safety plan. Any interaction with other employees during those visits must follow our safety plan and the guidelines as laid out by local and national authorities. We have also asked all Bionik employees to follow the guidelines and policies established in their states and local communities while working remotely and engaging in their personal lives.

Employee Travel, Customer Interaction, Service, Installation and Training

We have eliminated all international travel and have suspended all domestic travel that is unnecessary outside of the support of you, our customers. When required to or requested to visit a customer we will adhere to and respect the policies in place at that facility and put the safety and wellbeing of all at the forefront of any interaction. Bionik will conduct all other customer interactions including sales, training and service virtually via technology such as Zoom, FaceTime and other forms if favored by you. Be assured we will continue our policy of adhering to the timeliest response possible.

Business Operations

Last week Bionik’s management team, representing all aspects of our business, met to put in place a Business Continuity plan (BCP). The BCP is in place to assure that the operation of Bionik can continue normally or as close to normal as possible and to be prepared with several scenarios to adjust as the current and future situation requires. This assures a minimal impact to our customers and our business partners. We have met with or spoken to all of our supply, shipping and delivery partners to ensure there is as little interruption in their services to us as possible and ultimately our service to you. Our inventory of both InMotion Systems and parts for needed service is strong and we do not foresee any issues in meeting the needs of our customers for both delivery of systems and the suppling of parts if required for service for the near- and long-term future.

If you require additional information or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bionik recognizes that these are unsettling and challenging times. We believe that as communities, countries and societies we will move through this unprecedented time together. We are proud and honored to be your partner and hope that even this small assurance by us helps in some way to assure that you, our customers, are at the forefront of our thoughts and actions.

I personally along with all of Bionik want nothing more than for you and your families to be healthy and safe during this trying time.

Best Regards,

Eric Dusseux
Chief Executive Officer
Bionik Laboratories Corp.