Bionik Laboratories Granted United States Patent for Innovative Rehabilitation Technology

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Bionik Laboratories Corp. (“Bionik” or the “Company”), a robotics company providing neurological functional recovery solutions to stroke survivors and others with mobility challenges, offering its technology to therapists directly and services to patients in its clinical center, is proud to announce the issuance of United States Patent No. 11,744,763 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This patent, titled "An Apparatus and/or Method for Positioning a Hand for Rehabilitation," marks a significant milestone in Bionik's commitment to progressing robotic technology for rehabilitation.

The newly granted patent covers groundbreaking technology developed by Bionik that is designed to enhance the rehabilitation process for individuals recovering from neurological injuries and conditions. This innovative apparatus and method provide precise positioning and guidance for patients during upper-extremity rehabilitation, offering a more effective and personalized approach to recovery. "The addition of this new patent closes out an almost 4-year patent application process," said Richard Russo, Jr., CEO of Bionik. "This patent further strengthens our intellectual property portfolio and highlights our commitment to innovation in advancing robotic technology, development, and delivery."

Bionik has a strong track record of pioneering advancements in the field of robotic assisted rehabilitation, with a focus on improving the lives of patients through innovative technology. This latest patent underscores the company's dedication to developing cutting-edge solutions that have the potential to revolutionize the rehabilitation process and improve patient outcomes.

As a leader in the industry, Bionik continues to explore new avenues for applying robotics and automation to healthcare, with a mission to provide more precise and effective rehabilitation solutions for patients worldwide.

About Bionik Laboratories Corp.

Bionik is a robotics company focused on providing neurological functional recovery solutions to stroke survivors and others with functional and mobility challenges. The Company has a portfolio of products focused on upper and lower extremity rehabilitation for stroke and other mobility-impaired patients, including three products in the market and a host of other product candidates. Bionik has recently launched its Neuro-Recovery Centers of Excellence strategy, to showcase Bionik’s technology and solutions in an existing framework of revenue generating and profitable rehabilitation centers. For more information, please visit and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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