Bionik Laboratories’ InMotion® Robotic Devices on Display at the Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES)

Through the Company’s continued work with Curexo, its exclusive distribution partner for South Korea, Bionik will be featured as part of the show’s focus on the future of the medical industry

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Bionik Laboratories Corp. (OTCPINK: BNKL), a robotics company providing neurological functional recovery solutions to stroke survivors and others with functional and mobility challenges, offering its technology to therapists directly and offering services to patients in its clinical centers, today announced its InMotion® Robots will be on display at the Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES) from March 23 – March 26, 2023. Through the Company’s exclusive distribution partner Curexo in South Korea, attendees looking for innovative medical technologies will be able to demo the devices live and learn more about their role in recovery following a stroke and other neurological conditions.

Curexo, a recognized leader in medical device distribution and Bionik’s distribution partner in South Korea, continues to penetrate the Asian market on behalf of Bionik. The Company received regulatory approval for the InMotion® robotics technology from the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in early 2020. Curexo’s recent sales and installations of the InMotion® devices in South Korea included Pusan National University’s Yangsan Hospital (PNUYH), Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH), Myongji Choonhye Hospital, and various Veteran’s hospitals.

Bionik’s fleet of InMotion® Robots for rehabilitation following a stroke help patients to regain arm and hand movement. Where conventional therapy alone can only allow patients to do 30-60 repetitive movements an hour, the InMotion® devices have patients completing 600 - 1,000 movements an hour. The robotic device assists patients as needed while it measures the position, speed and acceleration to adjust to the patient’s needs during that session. In a recent whitepaper, Using Data Analytics to Quantify InMotion Robotic Systems’ Impact on Neuroplasticity, improvement rates of patients utilizing InMotion® robotic devices measured upwards of 15-20% over a 14-day time-frame.

“We value our long-standing partnership with Curexo, and their commitment to bring advancements in stroke recovery care to the South Korea market,” said Richard Russo Jr., CEO of Bionik Labs. “Our data-driven robotic therapy system has been featured in published research within dozens of medical journals, pointing to its effectiveness. We look forward to continuing to bring Bionik’s proven therapeutic gains to Curexo’s customers in the years ahead.”

Curexo will be showcasing Bionik’s InMotion® devices at KIMES in their booth, located at 3F, Hall C, #C200. To learn more about KIMES 2023, please visit here: To learn more about Bionik and its InMotion® devices, please visit here.

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Bionik Laboratories is a robotics company providing neurological functional recovery solutions to stroke survivors and others with functional and mobility challenges. The Company offers its technology to therapists directly and offers services to patients in its clinical centers. The Company has a portfolio of products focused on upper and lower extremity rehabilitation for stroke and other mobility-impaired patients, including three products on the market and three products in varying stages of development. For more information, please visit and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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