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Our artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies make rehabilitation methods and processes smarter and more intuitive for faster patient recovery. We design and manufacture products which connect to performance - based reimbursement programs for healthcare providers and institutions. We address three segments with the potential to service a wider, multi - billion dollar healthcare market. Developed in The Newman Laboratory for Biomechanics and Human Rehabilitation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the InMotion ™ robots provide effective, patient - adaptive therapy, intended to restore upper - extremity motor control including early and late recovery from acute stroke. BIONIK LABORATORIES We Make Lives Better 5 International Patents 250 Units Currently Placed in More than 20 Countries 21 Units Recently Contracted as Part of a Roll Out with Kindred IFRs Hospitals 3









HIGHLIGHTS We Service the Growing Market Opportunity for New Rehabilitation Technology Strong demographics, plus new value - based reimbursement program requirements favor our technologies. BIONIK’s Platform Supports and Assists Insurance Reimbursement and Payments We meet the new outcome - based reporting needs for value - based incentive programs. Our Products are FDA - Listed (Class II Medical Devices – 510k Exempt) Three rehabilitation products currently on the market for clinical use. We Are Uniquely Positioned to Supply Large Regional and National Healthcare Providers Our solutions combine proven research validation with the capability to support intensive clinical use. Recently - signed agreement with $3.3B Kindred Hospital and Rehabilitation for two phase, system - wide roll out until end of 2022. Revenue Growth in New Geographies and Expansion into Home and Consumer Markets Hospital Rehabilitation in Europe (CE Mark) , China (JV), Korea (Distribution Partner), and At - Home and Consumer Mobility Products 6






THE REHABILITATION MARKET ▪ The global rehabilitation equipment and devices market size was valued at $10.53 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.0% during 2018 - 2025 forecast period. (Grandview Research, 2017 ) ▪ The need for daily assistive devices for handicapped population around the globe is increasing rapidly. ▪ Significant healthcare reimbursement reforms changing equipment purchasing. ▪ The North American Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Market is estimated at $409 M and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.1%. (TMR Analytics) 15,173 Skilled Nursing Facilities Post - Acute Service Providers, By the Numbers ( Becker’s Hospital CFO Report, 2014 ) 12,461 Home Health Agencies 5,300 Hospice 1,177 Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities 422 Long - term care hospitals Market Size and Providers 8



New Rules for In - patient Rehabilitation Facilities (IRF) – October 2019 ▪ Rule favor Quality Indicators in the Patient Assessment Instrument (PAI) ▪ Quality indicator reporting on facility self - care and mobility scores will be made publicly available on IRF compare portion of CMS.gov for the first time under this rule A Penalty of 2% decline in annual rate increase will apply to facilities not compliant with Quality Reporting Programs reporting Shift Towards Patient Outcomes at Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) - 2018 to 2020 ▪ Value Based Programs will apply positive or negative incentive payments to facilities (as of 2020 incentive payments up to +2.33% and penalties up to – 1.97%) ▪ Quality indicator reporting on facility self - care and mobility scores will be made publicly available on SNF compare portion of CMS.gov for the first time under this rule ▪ Greater need for accurate measurement capability as functional patient outcome measures for each SNF will be measured and rankings made public in 2020 Value - based programs reward health care providers with incentive payments for the quality of care they give to people with Medicare NEW U.S. REIMBURSEMENT PROGRAMS Market Trend 9



THE TRIGGER FOR MASS ADOPTION We beli eve we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the trends and pending regulations in healthcare to supply hospitals, clinics and homes with advanced Evidence Based medical devices to improve neurological performance and produce the data that measures our performance. Market growth and new regulation provide a direct link to our products. 10






MANAGEMENT TEAM Eric Dusseux, MD, MSc, MBA Chief Executive Officer Michal Prywata Co - Founder and CTO Leslie Markow, CPA, CA, CPA (Illinois) Chief Financial Officer Renaud Maloberti Chief Commercial Officer Former President of Europe and a director for Auregen BioTherapeutics Executive Committee Member of Sanofi Pasteur Manager (Principal) at The Boston Consulting Group Track record of inventing technologies that address untapped markets Previously served as our Chief Executive Officer from March 2011 to April 2013 Five years with Bionik Canada, managing technological advancements and operations Chief Financial Officer of Stewardship Ontario, a 2010 - 2012 Chief Financial Officer of Blue Ocean NutraSciences Inc. ( f.k.a . Solutions4CO2 Inc.), a public CO2 solution industrial company Former CFO of SunOpta (NASDAQ: STKL) Former Vice President and General Manager of FujiFilm SonoSite , General Manager, Americas for BK Medical Systems. GE Healthcare and GE Medical Systems 12 Malcom Bock VP of Engineering Kent Smallwood VP of Investor Relations Jo Anne Langshaw HR Business Partner Former VP of Engineering at Respiratory Motion, Senior Director of Global R&D for Covidien Ltd., a spin - off of Tyco International. Covidien Inventor of the Year Leadership roles in Finance, Sales and Supply Chain Steelcase Teknion Inscape Former Sanofi Canada HR 25 years of human resource experience



BOARD OF DIRECTORS Eric Dusseux, MD, MSc, MBA Chief Executive Officer André Jacques Auberton - Hervé Chairman of the Board Rémi Gaston Dreyfus Director Peter Gerald Malone Independent Director Former President of Europe and a director for Auregen BioTherapeutics Executive Committee Member of Sanofi Pasteur Manager (Principal) at The Boston Consulting Group Founder and President of 4A Consulting & Engineering Co - Founder, President and CEO of Soitec (Euronext: SOI) Led SOI to Euronext listing in 1999 CEO and Founder of GDG Investissements and RGD Investissements S.A.S. Chairman and CEO of A.G.I. Paris, France. Chairman of FluidOil Limited; Former chairman of Aberdeen Asia - Pacific Income Fund; Previous member of U.K. Parliament; Minister of State for Health in John Majors’ government 13 Audrey D. Thévenon , Ph.D . Independent Director Joseph Martin Independent Director Charles Matine Independent Director Program Officer with the Board on Life Sciences at the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; Managing Editor of the journal Institute for Laboratory Animal Research Chairman of Brooks Automation; Director of Collectors Universe and Allegro Microsystems; Awarded US CFO of the Year by CFO Magazine in 2000 Founder and CEO of B&Associates Strategic advisor to C4 Ventures Advisory Board Member for Enlaps Marketing and business development positions in Apple



Robotic rehabilitation elicits brain neuroplasticity and recovery THE SCIENCE OF OUR PRODUCTS 14



SUPERIOR OUTCOMES VS. CONVENTIONAL REHABILITATION: BETTER ASSET PRODUCTIVITY BIONIK’S ASSET PRODUCTIVITY CONVENTIONAL METHODS > Repetition of a few functional motor skills; habitual movements Superior Performance and Value vs. Conventional Rehabilitation BIONIK InMotion ™ > Reducing impairment; neural plasticity and remapping of pathways Movements Per Session x 600 to 1,000 movements per session Protocols x R eproducible to advanced clinical research standards Metrics x BIONIK EVAL™ software quantifies true motor recovery Movements Per Session Only 25 - 45 movements per therapy session. Protocols Treatment protocols are therapist - dependent. Metrics Difficult to quantify true motor recovery and outcomes. 15



PROVEN EFFECTS ON BRAIN PLASTICITY Data gathered from sample plots for a stroke patient at admission and after 14 and 70 days , following InMotion ™ ARM robotic therapy. Circle Evaluation Test Measures motor coordination, joint independence and motor planning Results: Improvements in acceleration, speed and accuracy of repetitive circles. Point - to - Point Evaluation Measures motor control through changes in acceleration, speed, accuracy, and movement coordination Results: Improvements in acceleration, speed and accuracy of point to point diagrams. 16



OUR InMotion ™ PRODUCT LINE Motor therapy to help patients regain motor function following a neurological condition or injury . Provides patients with real - time Assistance - as - Needed™ while it gently assists where needed to help them complete various motor therapy activities ( 30 programs) . The InMotionHAND ™ is combined with the InMotionARM ™ . The two robots work together, providing motor therapy that combines reaching with grasp and release movements . The InMotionARM ™ and HAND robots quietly monitor the patient’s movements during therapy while they gently assist patients . The InMotionWRIST ™ is an evidence based and research proven interactive rehabilitation device that senses patient movements and limitations, and provides Assistance - as - Needed ™ . It can accommodate the range of motion of a normal wrist in everyday tasks and can be used by clinicians as a stand - alone treatment option or in addition to the InMotion ™ product line . Uses: Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Hemiplegic Shoulder Pain and Muscle Spasticity 17



OUR UPPER LIMB ADVANTAGES 1 . Breath of Rehabilitation Offering BIONIK offers Arm, Hand and Wrist - most competitors have arm, only 2. Software / Artificial Intelligence Capability Broader measurement capability and greater adaptiveness through the patient session 3. Degree of Independent Clinical Research Significantly higher than competitors (1000+ patients with addition of RATULS study in UK) 4. Therapy Modes Multiple protocols supported, allowing adaptation to patient progress - e.g., 30 for InMotion ARM™ 5. Patient Access Only solution that supports all modes of patient use – Seated / Standing / Kneeling / Wheelchair ; Patient set - up time unrivalled 6. Pricing Higher than most competitors who are not offering a complete system. Lower than Hocoma Armeo Power Arm/Hand unit which is the biggest player and closest competitor in terms of function and capability Bionik’s competitive and product positioning vs. others. 18



Our Milestones Met and Our Market Opportunities GROWTH PLANS 19



WE HIT OUR MILESTONES We have built a strong FOUNDATION OF CLINICAL PRODUCTS ▪ Well - positioned in healthcare robotics and artificial intelligence ▪ Developed systems with Key Opinion Leaders to enhance value proposition ▪ More than 65 peer - reviewed papers published, presenting clinical trials ; Intellectual Property ▪ The ability to deliver measurable clinical outcomes We are positioned to capitalize on accelerating COMMERCIAL MARKETS ▪ Went from 1 or 2 units sold per quarter to now 5 to 7, in U.S. and Europe (CE mark) ▪ High - quality sales pipeline ▪ Availability of new rental financing option ▪ Ramping production capabilities of our Class II medical device, 510k exempt, with leading U.S. manufacturer Cogmedix , based in Massachusetts. ▪ Closed first national account, Kindred, who were shipped more units in their first order than our last three quarters combined. 20



▪ Commercial promise with next - generation products ▪ Directed towards hospitals and rehab centers, a new financial partner, a new sales force and a new strategy to rejuvenate sales ▪ Home - use rehabilitative products in development ▪ InMotionARM ™ at home in development ▪ A smart, lighter exoskeleton in development ▪ Strengthened position to enter Europe, Korea, growth markets in China WE ARE OPTIMIZED TO SCALE WE HAVE TARGETS IN SIGHT • Target US National Hospital Accounts - Convert tangible interest and engagement with multiple national organizations into larger, more consistent revenue stream - Target multi - location, high patient volume rehabilitation providers • Target global hospital markets - Establish sales agreements and international partnerships to expand distribution capabilities - CE Mark and France In - Clinic deployment paving the path to Europe (UK, France, Italy, Belgium…) - Launch new InMotion ™ products in greater China and expand in Korea • Extend success of InMotion ™ to home market • Enter global assistive mobility mass market with our exoskeleton 21



▪ Kindred Heathcare is a healthcare services company with revenues of approximately $3.3 Billion (Owned by Humana and private equity partners) ▪ First phase purchase agreement is for 21 Bionik InMotion Arm Robotic Systems ▪ Second phase will be broader deployment until at least end of 2022 across Kindred’s new inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and evaluated for other care facilities ▪ Kindred driven to be a leader in Value Based Care and Patient Engagement ▪ Many leading healthcare organizations have similar needs in the area of advanced patient rehabilitation SALE OF UNITS INCLUDE MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE CONTRACT WE ARE SIGNING CONTRACTS Announced December 17, 2018 22



Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital and Rehab Hospital, Des Moines, St. Louis, Springfield Franciscan Specialty Care, CHI Franciscan Rehabilitation Hospital Avon RH, University Hospital Avon Rehabilitation Hospital Lancaster Réhabilitation Hospital, Lancaster Réhabilitation Hospital NHS - CHC 1, Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital Dignity - Kindred Rehabilitation Hospital East Valley and Rehabilitation Hospital Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital, Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital Oklahoma City St. Mary Réhabilitation Hospital, St. Mary Réhabilitation Hospital CTRH, Central Texas Rehabilitation Hospital Texas Rehabilitation Hospital of Fort Worth & Arlington TX Rehabilitation Hospital of Wisconsin, Rehab Hospital of Wisconsin Baptist Memorial Rehabilitation Hospital, GP Community Health Network Rehabilitation Hospital, Rehab Hospital & Hospital South Madison Réhabilitation Hospital, UW Heath Réhabilitation Hospital DELIVERIES TO 19 KINDRED HOSPITAL NETWORK LOCATIONS 23






Six Months ended September 30, 2018 Six Months ended September 30, 2017 Revenue 1,048,418 $309,367 Cost of Sales 637,236 89,125 Gross Profit 411,182 220,242 Operating Expenses 5,446,061 5,646,822 Other Expense (Income) (291,076) 429,297 Net Loss (4,743,803) (5,855,877) EPS (2.02) (8.84) SUMMARY INCOME STATEMENT Unaudited (in $ USD) 25 SUMMARY BALANCE SHEET Unaudited (in $ USD) As of September 30, 2018 Total Current Assets 1,886,233 TOTAL ASSETS 28,900,239 Total Current Liabilities 2,002,784 Total Long - Term Liabilities 0 TOTAL LIABILITES 2,002,784 Total Shareholders’ Equity 26,897,455



CAPITALIZATION TABLE As of December 31, 2018 Common Shares Outstanding 2,611,538 1 Warrants 440,231 @ $44.21 WAEP 2 Options 185,603 @ $38.26 WAEP 2 Convertible Notes $3,150,000 aggregate principal amount 1 Includes 273,574 exchangeable shares 2 Weighted Average Exercise Price 26



Global Headquarters 483 Bay Street, Office N105 Toronto, ON M5G 2C9 Canada U.S. Headquarters 80 Coolidge Hill Road Watertown, MA 02472 United States CONTACT US www.bioniklabs.com 27